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  • Email support@nrgstream.com anytime with questions regarding any of our solutions.
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We release new streams weekly using feedback from our clients and our own discoveries.
Here is a list of the stream categories recently released :

  • Approx. 13000 ERCOT DAM Bus LMP streams
  • AESO Metered Volumes - Aggregated by Participant and Asset Type
  • EIA Generation by Energy Source
  • SPP 5 minute Gen Mix
  • Additional Mexico Allocated Reserve streams
  • Approx. 13000 ERCOT RTM Bus LMP streams
  • CAISO Network Model update
  • NYISO Network Model update
  • MISO Network Model update
  • ERCOT Network Model update
  • PJM Network Model Update
  • Mexico Network Model Update
  • SPP Network Model Updates

  • ERCOT Thermal Aggregate Streams - Capacity minus Wind and Solar
  • Additional Supply Streams for New AESO Units
  • Additional Gen/Cap streams for New IESO Units
  • Additional Forecast and Demand streams for New CAISO zones
  • ISO-NE Daily Fuel Mix
  • CAISO 5 minute Demand
  • ISO-NE Day Ahead Cleared Flows and Limit
  • Addition ERCOT Generic Transmission Limits
  • Additional Streams from the ISO-NE Morning Report
  • ISO-NE Day Ahead Net Tie Schedules
  • Additional CAISO Fuel Price streams
  • Additional 3Tier streams for ERCOT, PJM and MISO
  • Mexico Real Time and Day Ahead LMP
  • TransCanada - GTN Pipeline OA Capacity
  • BPA 45 Day and Long-Term Outage Plans
  • CAISO Actual Operation Reserves
  • CAISO Aggregate Generation Outages
  • NYISO ICAP Auction Summary
  • WSI Load Forecasts
  • ERCOT Current Operating Plan
  • Nymex Options
  • WSI WindCast IQ
  • ARGUS Crude Spot Price and Forward Curve
  • ARGUS Nat Gas Spot Price and Forward Curve
  • ARGUS Power Spot Price and Forward Curve
  • CAISO FMM LMP streams
  • EIA Balancing Authority Demand, Generation and Interchange

Our new version of NRGSTREAM XTRACTOR now includes both an Add-in for Excel and an API. The API supports COM based languages and Excel VBA programming. Enjoy direct access from your Xtracts to your Excel spreadsheets or use the programming API to integrate directly to your back office systems.
Our generation system is now embedded within our Professional and Trader market intelligence solutions systems at no extra cost.
The generation system provides our clients with access to all available information associated with any power generation plant in North America. We have accumulated a variety of data for years and thought is was time to share it with you. Information un-earthed by the new system includes the following.

  • Plant and unit information from the EPA, EIA and NERC.
  • Historical hourly generation and emissions information from the EPA / CEMS.
  • EIA monthly generation statistics by plant, primemover and fuel type
  • Plant owner information from NERC and the EPA
  • Plant correlations to existing NRGSTREAM Streams that provide a complete source of related information. Streams such as real-time Pacific Northwest Hydro and hourly Nuclear plant statistics are directly accessible through the Generation system.