At Nrgstream we provide innovative solutions combined with the best coverage for North American power markets.
Our solutions are the result of 22 years of accumulated knowledge and information.

  • Trader

    • Featuring:

      • We offer a new fully browser-based interface. It's fast and easy to use.
      • Toggle between light and dark display mode on charts, panels, dashboards, and maps with the flip of a switch.
      • Windows Tray application support is in place for legacy Extracts, Excel Add-in and Macro integration.
      • Filters are integrated across all objects (data, charts, panels, and dashboards). Select ISO's, regions, data types or commodities and Trader will filter your views.
      • RESTful API with full access to our entire library (300,000 end points).Easily integrate data with MatLab and R.
      • Recent and favorites provide one click navigation to get back to where you were immeditately.
    • Extracts

      • Extracts use Xtractor, our full featured data integration tool. Built into Trader or standalone.
      • Industrial-grade speed and volumes (eg. 1 month of all ERCOT 15 min settlements delivered in 5 seconds, 81MB, 2 million rows).
      • Excel Add-In and macros, integrate your extracts with MatLab and R.
      • Real-time and historical data is available on demand or schedule your own custom extracts.
    • Charts

      • Make your own or use our preconfigured master charts.
      • Feature rich. Zoom, pan, drill into details, customize axes.
      • Share your custom charts with your colleagues.
    • Panels

      • Make your own or use our preconfigured master panels.
      • An easy way to view targeted real-time Stream data in a grid.
    • Maps

      • We cover all North American ISO's and RTO's
      • Utilize layers: Prices, Loads, Interchanges, Outages, Congestion, FTR's/CRR's, Generation and Transmission.
      • Easily drill down into the data on any layer.
      • Use real-time or playback for any period.
    • Dashboards

      • Make your own low-latency dashboards or use one of our preconfigured master dashboards available for every market.
      • Our customizable dashboards are a combination of charts and panels showing your key real-time market indicators.
    • Generation System

      • Get market data representing generation plants across North America.
      • Drill into detailed EIA and EPA information on any plant.
      • Searchable by plant types, regions, balancing authority, etc.
    • Analyst

      • Generate results representing years of prices on demand. Create/Save/Share different scenarios to analyze.
      • INPUT : Region, Spread/Fixed, Period, Years back, Heat rate, Cash/Term, Source/Sink Settle/Day ahead, Gas price, Hour block
      • OUTPUT : Monthly, Daily, Hourly Stats with spreads, avg heat rates and spark spreads, sink/source/gas prices.
      • Available for CAISO, ERCOT, PJM, MISO, ISONE, AESO and NYISO
      • Market Fundamentals on demand for any region. Summarized on/off peak prices, gas prices, heat rates for any period.
  • Mobile App

    • Access real-time data on any Stream, Chart or Panel in your account.
    • One concurrent NRGSTREAM Mobile access is available for each NRGSTREAM Client Access License.
    • Available for iPhone and Android.

Included with your Nrgstream subscription. Please call for details or pricing.