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Founded in 1978, Amerex is a leading over-the-counter energy brokerage offering services in electricity, natural gas, emission credits and allowances, renewable energy credits, retail energy procurement, energy consulting and energy data services. From its office in Houston, Amerex offers liquidity and timely execution to meet the needs of a global client network of more than 1,000 firms including thousands of traders and risk management professionals. Amerex Brokers LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GFI Group Inc. (NASDAQ:GFIG), a leading inter-dealer broker specializing in over-the-counter derivatives products and related securities. GFI provides brokerage services, trading system software, and market data and analytics software products for a range of credit, financial, equity and commodity instruments. GFI operates one of the largest OTC energy brokerage businesses in North America both directly and through its Amerex and StarSupply businesses.

NRGSTREAM provides daily Broker Indicative Data for natural gas and power markets from Amerex.


Amperon offers high-resolution demand forecasting, from per-meter to grid scale, for retailers and traders. Our staff consists of an experienced team of PhD computer scientists, PhD meteorologists and former energy traders.

We use highly granular 15-day ensembled weather forecasts to produce our models, and our grid-scale MAPE is currently 1.8% in ERCOT (12 month backtest, 38 hour duration). We focus intensively on building models that accurately forecast load during extreme weather events - the crucial days that matter most for your business.

We're happy to offer all Nrgstream users a free 30 day trial of our forecasts. Please reach out to for any questions about our technology!

Commodity Weather Group, LLC (CWG) helps its clients manage and mitigate the weather's important impacts on agricultural and energy commodities. With a combination of rapid, ahead-of-market updates, a focus on education and a reliance on a meteorologist team with over 85 collective years of experience in the sector, the CWG subscription is an essential component to anyone managing weather-related risk.

As wind-generated electricity increasingly impacts on many countries' grids, its fluctuating nature makes a uniform approach to managing energy from all sources crucial. Accurate short-term forecasting of wind power can help to achieve this goal.

With global wind energy forecasting expertise and experience going back nearly three decades, DNV GL now operates services for a range of clients, with over 33 GW of wind, in countries all around the world. Utilities, energy traders, wind farm operators and ISOs rely on this highly accurate and reliable forecasting service.

The forecasting service combines DNV GL's wind energy expertise and experience with the best weather model inputs to provide state-of-the-art forecasts of wind farm output.

IIR's PowerCast Live provides comprehensive operational and outage information on the Electric Power Generation sector. Market participants complete understanding of the past, current, and future generation supply by providing real-time research on plant and unit status information Continuous updates and alerts for all planned and unplanned outages, all fuels types, with coverage of every unit over 20 MWs in USA and Canada.

IIR deploys a real-time market pricing ticker in their web application that is fed from Nrgstream.


Maxar is the global leader for weather risk and commodity weather support. The company provides special reports on key market-moving concerns, serves as the industry's leading archive of cleaned global historical weather information, maintains high levels of communication, and offers 24/7/365 consultation with its worldwide client base. Maxar's Weather Desk™ platform houses a variety of products that support client decision making processes throughout the majority of the weather risk, energy, agricultural and other markets.

Powerdex offers the only Hourly Indexes in the WECC, with historical data as far back as January 1, 2002. Hourly indexes include:

  Mid-Columbia     Four Corners     COB     Mead     Mona  
  Palo Verde     SP-15     NP-15     NOB  

Powerdex's methodology only allows for real-time, hour-ahead or bal-day deals to be included in their Hourly Indexes. Powerdex Day-Ahead Indexes offer a suite of products for Standard DA and Non-standard DA indexes. Standard DA and Non-standard DA Indexes include Odd Lots, Super Peak and 1x16s for 11 points including those listed above plus John Day and Big Eddy.

PRT, Inc. is an industry leader in providing load and price forecasting software and online services for the energy industry. Since 1994, PRT's experienced staff of engineers with advanced degrees has been continually perfecting the forecasting accuracy level of its products and services. With over eighty clients, PRT's highly accurate forecasting systems are among the most widely used in the industry. PRT's products are based on the state-of-the-art intelligent system technologies such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computing/genetic algorithms.

TESLA Inc. Forecasting Solutions has been crafting accurate, reliable and comprehensive forecasting solutions for the energy industry for more than twenty years. Over that time our services have developed a reputation as an industry leader in both forecast accuracy and customer support. Our forecasts are accompanied by a suite of analytic tools and supported by a team of analysts and engineers dedicated to helping our clients make the most informed decisions possible. We offer immediately accessible solutions for all of the North American wholesale power markets and hand crafted customized solutions outside of those markets. We're confident in our methods, our applications and our people, and we offer no-obligation trials of any and all of our services.

Vaisala has been the world leader in weather monitoring and measurement since 1936. We support profitable energy decisions with measurement, asset monitoring, and renewable energy consulting.

When a company's success is linked to the weather, WSI delivers the tools to bring clarity and insight to critical decision making. Whether your business revolves around anticipating the energy requirements of a specific region, assembling crews to respond to severe weather, assessing damage to a region in the path of disruptive weather or understanding the expected power generation of a specific wind farm, WSI has a solution that can be tailored to suit your needs. We strive to provide meteorological data that is highly accurate yet easy-to-use, giving our clients the ability to quickly and confidently make the decisions essential to maintaining a profitable operation.