3TIER uses weather science to help clients manage the risk of weather-driven variability—anywhere on earth and across all time horizons. It's not just data. It's relevant and actionable intelligence. We provide the context our clients need to balance risk with opportunity.

Since our founding in 1999, 3TIER has been driven by the belief that our clients' financial success will propagate a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. We have built a world-class team of atmospheric scientists with expertise in wind, solar and hydro power generation. We have developed a proprietary technology platform that enables us to deliver accurate and objective answers quickly.

With offices servicing North America, Europe, India, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, 3TIER has global reach with products and services spanning renewable energy project feasibility, energy marketing, and asset management.

AccuWeather, established in 1962, is the World's Weather Authority. We provide local forecasts for everywhere in the United States and over two million locations worldwide. AccuWeather employs 113 meteorologists, and our headquarters in State College, PA, is home to the greatest number of forecast meteorologists in one location anywhere in the world.

Our staff of over 200 graphic, technical, programming, and support personnel serve our customers 24x7 every day of the year.

AccuWeather is the world's leading internet weather provider.


Founded in 1978, Amerex is a leading over-the-counter energy brokerage offering services in electricity, natural gas, emission credits and allowances, renewable energy credits, retail energy procurement, energy consulting and energy data services. From its office in Houston, Amerex offers liquidity and timely execution to meet the needs of a global client network of more than 1,000 firms including thousands of traders and risk management professionals. Amerex Brokers LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GFI Group Inc. (NASDAQ:GFIG), a leading inter-dealer broker specializing in over-the-counter derivatives products and related securities. GFI provides brokerage services, trading system software and market data and analytics software products for a range of credit, financial, equity and commodity instruments. GFI operates one of the largest OTC energy brokerage businesses in North America both directly and through its Amerex and StarSupply businesses.

NRGSTREAM provides daily Broker Indicative Data for natural gas and power markets from Amerex.


Argus Forward Curves is a powerful market valuation tool you have at your command. It collects prompt and forward market data, and then uses a proprietary model and algorithms to determine forward curve prices for both liquid and illiquid locations.

This service can be delivered via NRGSTREAM and gives you daily insight for mark-to-market validation, value at risk, potential future exposure, validation of your in-house risk management assessments and more.

Argus Forward Curves allow you to choose the commodity you’re interested in based on the market data you need. You can get daily forward prices for hundreds of locations and tenors within the natural gas, power, crude oil, refined products, NGL and other markets. It offers distinct forward curve products for North America, Asia and Europe.

Commodity Weather Group, LLC (CWG) helps its clients manage and mitigate the weather’s important impacts on agricultural and energy commodities. With a combination of rapid, ahead-of-market updates, a focus on education, and a reliance on a meteorologist team with over 85 collective years of experience in the sector, the CWG subscription is an essential component to anyone managing weather-related risk.

CustomWeather provides syndicated content for complete global weather coverage including sophisticated weather forecasts, maps, tracking and alert services covering over 26,000 US and 42,000 International locations.

Top companies from around the world rely on the accuracy and timeliness of CustomWeather's forecasts to support business decisions. With a range of products ranging from long-term historical climate data to seasonal forecasting, CustomWeather provides a one-stop weather solution meeting the weather needs across the utility enterprise.

As wind-generated electricity increasingly impacts on many countries’ grids, its fluctuating nature makes a uniform approach to managing energy from all sources crucial. Accurate short-term forecasting of wind power can help to achieve this goal.

With global wind energy forecasting expertise and experience going back nearly three decades, DNV GL now operates services for a range of clients, with over 33 GW of wind, in countries all around the world. Utilities, energy traders, wind farm operators and ISOs rely on this highly accurate and reliable forecasting service.

The forecasting service combines DNV GL’s wind energy expertise and experience with the best weather model inputs to provide state-of-the-art forecasts of wind farm output.

ICAP is the world's premier voice and electronic interdealer broker and provider of post-trade services. The Group is active in the wholesale markets in interest rates, credit, commodities, FX, emerging markets, equities and equity derivatives. ICAP has an average daily transaction volume in excess of $2.3 trillion, more than 40% of which is electronic.

With more than 300 staff across its offices worldwide, ICAP Energy is the energy-focused commodity arm of ICAP plc, providing coverage of base and precious metals, emission credits, crude oil and oil products, electricity, natural gas, coal, freight and weather derivatives. ICAP Energy is a leading energy broker with operations in London, Amsterdam, Bergen, Singapore, Sydney and seven centres in North America.

NRGSTREAM provides daily Indicative Data for North American power and natural gas markets from ICAP.

IIR's PowerCast Live provides comprehensive operational and outage information on the Electric Power Generation sector. Market participants complete understanding of the past, current, and future generation supply by providing real-time research on plant and unit status information Continuous updates and alerts for all planned and unplanned outages, all fuels types, with coverage of every unit over 20 MWs in USA and Canada.

IIR deploys a real-time market pricing ticker in their web application that is fed from NRGSTREAM.

Radiant Solutions provides multi-source data collection, enrichment, and analytic capabilities that reveal unique geospatial information and insights where and when it matters most. Our combined team of over 1,000 aerospace engineers, geospatial analysts, weather and ocean experts, software developers, data scientists, and DevOps engineers apply disruptive technology and our unique intellectual property to both national security and commercial problems.

The weather products and services are world renowned throughout the commodity markets assisting client decision making processes in the energy and agricultural sectors. Special weather reports focus on key market-moving concerns and 24/7/365 consultation is provided for clients worldwide. Radiant Solutions is a Maxar Technologies company.

Formed in 2007 and co-headquartered in Houston and New York, OTC Global Holdings is the leading independent inter-dealer broker in over-the-counter energy commodities, with dominant market share in U.S. and Canadian natural gas markets and the Texas power market. Its impressive portfolio of brokers includes Black Barrel, Choice Environmental, Choice Natural Gas, Choice Power, Choice Products, Choice NGLs, Edge Energy, Edge Environmental, Elite Brokers, EOX Holdings, Equus Energy Group LLC, Futures International, Ion Energy Group, OTC Europe LLP, Pinnacle Derivatives Group, Power Merchants Group, PVO Energy, and Riviera Commodities.

Each day, thousands of orders are executed within the OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH) family of energy brokerage companies, enabling our market data to offer:
- Aggregated historical trade data across all OTCGH entities in a single interface
- Indicative bids and offers for brokered products, delivered intraday
- The ability to deliver web-based market data reports on demand
- Daily closing reports for Natural Gas, Power, NGL
- Time and sales information for custom time and product sets
- Fixed interval snapshot reports showing bids/offers for all markets
- Data that details: 84 Natural Gas Basis Locations, 49 Power Locations and 26 Natural Gas Implied Volatility Locations,
  13 Power Implied Volatility Locations, 14 Gas Power Correlation Locations, 16 Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Products

PRT, Inc. is an industry leader in providing load and price forecasting software and online services for the energy industry. Since 1994, PRT’s experienced staff of engineers with advanced degrees has been continually perfecting the forecasting accuracy level of its products and services. With over eighty clients, PRT’s highly accurate forecasting systems are among the most widely used in the industry. PRT’s products are based on the state-of-the-art intelligent system technologies such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computing/genetic algorithms.

Powerdex offers the only Hourly Indexes in the WECC, with historical data as far back as January 1, 2002. Hourly indexes include:

  Mid-Columbia     Four Corners     COB     Mead     Mona  
  Palo Verde     SP-15     NP-15     NOB  

Powerdex's methodology only allows for real-time, hour-ahead or bal-day deals to be included in their Hourly Indexes. Powerdex Day-Ahead Indexes offer a suite of products for Standard DA and Non-standard DA indexes. Standard DA and Non-standard DA Indexes include Odd Lots, Super Peak and 1x16s for 11 points including those listed above plus John Day and Big Eddy.

TESLA, Inc. has been crafting accurate, reliable, and comprehensive forecasting solutions for the energy industry for more than twenty years. Over that time our services have developed a reputation as an industry leader in both forecast accuracy and customer support. Our forecasts are accompanied by a suite of analytic tools and supported by a team of analysts and engineers dedicated to helping our clients make the most informed decisions possible. We offer immediately accessible solutions for all of the North American wholesale power markets and hand crafted customized solutions outside of those markets. We’re confident in our methods, our applications, and our people, and we offer no-obligation trials of any and all of our services.

Tullet Prebon's energy product line provides power marketers, utilities, producers, risk managers and institutions with a single comprehensive source for price information and liquidity. The Tullett Prebon energy brokerage teams furnish insight and expertise information to virtually every sector of the market, providing customers with information, anonymity and access to liquidity.

NRGSTREAM provides daily Indicative Data for North American power and natural gas markets from Tullett Prebon Information.

When a company’s success is linked to the weather, WSI delivers the tools to bring clarity and insight to critical decision making. Whether your business revolves around anticipating the energy requirements of a specific region, assembling crews to respond to severe weather, assessing damage to a region in the path of disruptive weather or understanding the expected power generation of a specific wind farm, WSI has a solution that can be tailored to suit your needs. We strive to provide meteorological data that is highly accurate yet easy-to-use, giving our clients the ability to quickly and confidently make the decisions essential to maintaining a profitable operation.