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ISO / RTO History
Alberta Electric System Operator 1999
California ISO 1999, 2009
Energy Reliability Council of Texas 2001, 2010
Mexico 2016
Midwest ISO 2005
New England ISO 1999
New York ISO 2000
Ontario Electricity Market Operator 2002
PJM Interconnection 2001
Southeast Power 2007
Southwest Power Pool (SPP) 2001, 2014
WECC and the Pacific NW 1990
ISO data coverage includes all the ISO's in North America acquired on a real-time basis.
Base Coverage History
Currency Exchange 2004
Energy Information Administration (EIA) 1994
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2000
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 1999
National Weather Service (NWS) 1999
Environment Canada 1999
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) 1996
Major Energy Exchanges 2001
Base data coverage acquired on a real-time and end-of-day basis.
Optional Third Party Coverage History
Top North American Energy Brokers 1998
Generation Outage Forecasts 1984
ISO Price & Load Forecasts 2004
Wind Forecasts 2011
North American Electricity Indexes 2000
Major North American Weather Services 1973
Optional data coverage acquired on a real-time and end-of-day basis.